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My Story

Through drawing and painting, and with nature as its core subject, the work is an exploration of how changing the context of something can alter how it is perceived. The work is heavily influenced by the concept of synthetic biology, but whereas scientists are altering nature at a biological level with unknown consequences, I  manipulate it through colour, scale and juxtaposition. I make things which would not normally sit together in reality, do so on the same surface, making, what at first glance seems plausible and recognisable become less familiar with prolonged looking

 I use macro photography or a microscope to look at elements in nature which are often overlooked, ignored and often invisible to the naked eye,  then  I manipulate and change aspects of what is familiar in Photoshop and then paint or draw the subject. My painted works are acrylic and my drawings charcoal, pencil or ink and all are large scale with no background to anchor the subject to a particular place. 

I have a B'ED in Creative Art, A BA first class Honours in Painting and I am nearing the end of a MA in Fine Art. My last exhibition was in Darlington Library Gallery in 2021 and I had a piece of work accepted into the Ferens Open exhibition in Hull also in 2021. I have also exhibited in group shows and was a regular in the Showcase  Gallery in Richmond North Yorkshire before it closed in June 2022. Since 2019 I have been  part of group shows in the Station Gallery also in Richmond. I have also exhibited in Hornsea, Beverley, York, Pocklington, Bridlington,  Slaithwaite and Leeds.

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