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My Story

Dawn Broughton has a B’Ed in Creative Arts, a BA in Painting and an MA in Fine Arts and a working practice of painting and drawing. She works in two different styles, precise and detailed or loose and expressive depending on the type of subject.

The detailed and precise way of working is focussed on nature and grew around the concept of synthetic biology where nature is being manipulated in some way or another. This work is created from photographs and microscopic images and uses Photoshop and computers to produce unnatural worlds which look as though they could be real but are not. The paintings are brightly coloured and reflect the unreality and manipulation of nature which goes on around us.

The loose and expressive style is used by the artist to depict landscapes and seascapes, and these are painted solely from imagination and memory. This work is called “memory of place” and is a combination of places visited and places seen in images and in the media, and again only appears to be real but exists only in the mind of the artist.  This work is truer to nature in colour but is more textured and expressive.

Whichever style or medium the artist is working in; the subject is always the natural world. Each concept allows for experimentation and new ideas, and she describes her work as “constantly evolving”.

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